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Feel Better At Spa Northbrook

Spa NorthbrookInstead of spending your hard earned cash on that black dress that you saw while you were window shopping, invest in yourself. Book an experience that will make you feel better than you have in quite some time. Make an appointment for a facial treatment, or get a manicure. At Spa Northbrook we only use the finest products. Our staff of licensed estheticians, certified massage therapists and licensed nail technicians are highly skilled and trained. Each member of the Northshore Nails and Day Spa family knows exactly what you need. Come in and try one of our slimming body treatments, or have one of us customize an affordable package for you.

Taking care of your skin will help you look and feel younger. Regular facials can help your skin repair itself. Your skin will look and feel soft and smooth. Most basic facials start with an exfoliation of the skin. Our estheticians use products that will remove dry and dead skin, and help stimulate new growth. Skin discoloration can be greatly improved with exfoliation. A shoulder, neck and facial massage comes next. Your stress will literally melt away, and your skin will look refreshed and renewed. After the massage comes the steam. This softens the skin making it easier to extract and cleanse the deeper pores. Blackheads and clogged pores can only really be removed effectively with manual extraction. Your esthetician will gently squeeze your pores which allow the mask to be absorbed. Not only does a good mask lower your skins temperature, but it will also hydrate and reduce redness. Your skin will be glowing and ready for a hydrating moisturizer.

Your hands are the first thing that shows age, and if you have been neglecting them, make an appointment with one of our licensed nail technicians. Have a classic manicure and add on a paraffin treatment. Your hands will feel soft and supple, especially after the hand and lower arm massage. Try the new chip manicure. Your nails will look beautiful for at least two weeks, and best of all, the product will stimulate new growth. The product is so flexible that it allows nails to breathe and grow. Your nails will look and natural, but they will be strong. The Chip Free nail offered at Spa Northbrook will not peel, chip, lift or grow rubbery. We also offer a chip free pedicure.

Spend a few hours at our Northbrook Spa and be truly pampered. Customize your own package. You can start the day off with a relaxing massage, get a facial, and have a slimming body treatment. Complete your day of indulgence with a pedicure and manicure. While you are at it, you may as well get your legs waxed. You will feel like royalty when you leave North Shore Nails and Day Spa.