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About us:

Northshore Nails and Day Spa is located in  the Carillon Square Shopping

Center in the heart of Glenview on Waukegan Road.

We have been happily serving our clients in this location for

more than 15 years.

We are a Multi-Service Day Spa  which offers the BEST in many types of:

# Facials

# Anti-aging Facials

# Acne Facial

# Detox Facial

# PCA Peel

# Microdermabrasion

# Nails Care

# Eyelash Extensions

# Eyebrow Enhancements

# Eyebrow Lamination

# Threading

# Waxing

# Tinting

# Ear Candling

# Microblading

# Spa Manicures

# Spa Pedicures

# Hot stone Manicure

# Hot stone Pedicure

# Chrome No Chip Manicure

# Soft Gel Nail Extensions


# Northshore Nails and Day Spa 

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We pride ourselves in creating a relaxing environment for our clients

with private treatment rooms for Pedicures and facials or etc.

In addition, we are the best known for our Organic No Chip Manicure which Strengthens your Nails and Lasts up to 4 weeks.

It is important to note that helps the nails to grow  and this product is Gas permeable and Breathable.

   We use Guinot Products for Facials !

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Bio Oxygen No Chip Manicure 

[ Oxygenating Gel ]

ü Those who care about their nail health and are tired of the damage experienced by

     some brush-on gel brands.

ü The world’s first MEDICAL GRADE formulation and OXYGENATING brush-on gel technology.

ü A easy on, easy off brush–on gel system, which would provide quick quality, durability,

     and damage free removal.

ü Gas permeable

ü Allowing OXYGEN and WATER VAPOR to and from the nailbed as “ Breathing ”

          ( A balance of OXYGEN and MOISTURE VAPOR is essential to keep nails healthy )

ü Vegan and Gluten Free.

ü Gel is NOT tested on animals

ü Oxygenating Gel is 100% cruelty free.

ü Breakthrough technology helps prevent dehydration and softening of keratin, and

    aids in protecting the natural nail from damage.


Soft Gel Nail Extensions

[ Gel extensions system ]

Soft Gel manicures are a New Type of Nail Extensions treatment.

ü   100% Soft Gel, light weight and very transparent material.

ü Healthier and better than Acrylic nails (Acrylic is a clear plastic).

ü No additional damage to the natural nail.

ü No dust, no odor, no excessive buffing or filing to the natural nail / Gel nails are odorless unlike the acrylic nails that have a distinct smell.

ü Adhere with gel (no glue) /

Extensions are applied with Extend Gel (no glue) on the natural nail and filed down to the desired shape.

ü 100% soakable, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to remove.

ü Last up to three-plus weeks without chipping or breaking.

ü Perfectly shaped nails with the same appearance of acrylics.

ü Gel nails are artificial nails.

ü Extensions are specially formulated, soak-off gel tips that ensure long-lasting.

ü There’s also no fill required at two to three weeks — just apply a new set.

For a client who has weak and unhealthy nails or a nail biter, is looking to grow out their natural nails and Gel Nails provide the perfect solution !


Dazzle Dry / Instant Dry Polish !

[ Quick-Dry Nail Polish system ]

 Non-Toxic, Vegan Polish,

Air dries amazingly fast with-in 5 Minutes

without Going under the UV light !!

Strong and flexible with long-lasting shine.

The Non-yellowing

Patented formula is fortified

with Pro Vitamin B5 and Calcium

to Strengthen your nails

and Last up to 2 weeks.


 Holographic Chrome Nails ! (No chip Manicure) 

A Special Mirror-shine Nail powder that transforms into a smooth, blindingly shiny coat and

that Chrome Powder Effects is, made of glass, metal, and pigment.

It will lasts up to 2~3 weeks


Brow Lamination !! 

Brow Lamination is the newest trend.

The Latest Needle-free Alternative to Microblading.

This service creates the look of full, fluffy brows by realigning the directional hair growth & enhancing the brow shape.

The Brow makeover including lift, tint application, shaping and waxing or tweezing

The Lamination effect lasts up to two months.


Collagen Gloves ( for Hands )

Enriched with collagen and argan oil. Ultra nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to provide intense nourishing care. Argan oil blended with collagen and shea butter to help immediately soothe the skin, bringing comfort and softness.

The goves are made with dual layer biodegradable material which provides 99% UV / LED ray protection.

Collagen Socks ( for Feet )

Enriched with collagen, olive oil and Aragan oil, ultra nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize feet. Olive oil, arganoil and vegetable oil blended with collagen to help immediately soothe the skin, bringing comfort and softness.


 [ New service ]

Nutrient Base No Chip Manicure !

 Exclusive Service for a client who has weak and unhealthy nails is looking to grow out.

 Nutrient Base No Chip Manicure which Strengthens your Nails .  

 Last up to three-plus weeks without breaking.

 Helps the nails to grow out long your natural nails.

 Much better than Dipping manicure without ruin your natural nails.


                               Why Choose Us?

*  Trusted Practice

North Shore Nails & Day Spa offers the Best in Facial Treatments,

Nails Care, Pedicures, Hair Removal, Eyelash Extensions, Tinting, Ear Candling,

Microblading, eyebrow Laminatin and etc. in Glenview.

* Convenient Scheduling

Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and self improvement.

With our 24/7 Booking online appointment, it's easy to schedule all of the services you desire.

* Trained Professionals

Our highly trained staffs provide expert care. Whether you come in for a Facials,  Nails Care, Pedicures, Hair Removals, Eyelash Extensions, Tintings, eyebrow Lamination  or etc.

You will leave feeling great !!:)

Address : 1438 Waukegan Road, Glenview IL 60025

Phone : 847-657-0919

E-mail : ns.nails.dayspa@att.net